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Am I a good candidate for permanent makeup/microblading?

You may not be a good candidate for permanent makeup/microblading if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Taking Isoretinoin (Accutane)

  • Pregnant or Nursing

  • Tendency to Keloid scar (please contact me)

  • Botox in the brow area which has altered the placement of your brows (please wait 2 months for the effects to wear off)

  • Under the age of 18

  • Serious diseases that can affect your body's healing process, such as cancer or autoimmune disorders (please consult with your physician)

  • Bleeding Disorders (please consult with your physician)

Do I need to tweeze or thread my brows before the appointment?

Please don't do anything to your brows before coming to your appointment. We can clean up your brows after we've decided on the shape and before we start the procedure.

Does it hurt?

Some clients describe minimal pain and discomfort comparable to threading or waxing; while others report barely any pain. The amount of pain will depend on the client's pain tolerance and body's reaction to anesthetic. We use two types of very effective topical anesthetic. We always do our best to make sure you are comfortable. Anesthetic can be applied throughout the procedure at any time if needed.

How do i know the equipment is clean and sterile?

Our needles are sealed and packaged and opened right before starting the procedure. They are only used for one procedure and then safely discarded. Our trays, beds, and other instruments are sterilized before and after every procedure.

How long does healing take?

Initially, the cosmetic tattoo will be darker and slight redness and swelling may occur. IF redness and swelling are present, it tends to disappear within an hour. Although the cosmetic tattoo may appear darker initially, it's generally not noticeable to others. You can return to normal activities immediately. There is no down-time. The tattoo will start to lighten and look more natural over the following weeks.

How long does the procedure take?

The appointment generally takes 2-3 hours from start to finish. This is not a rushed procedure and we ensure ample time is allotted.

How long will it last?

Permanent makeup generally lasts up to three years. The pigment is placed under the dermis and cannot be washed or rubbed off so in that sense it is considered permanent. It is often referred to as "semi-permanent" because a touch-up will be required at some point. The cosmetic tattoo will begin to fade over time. The longevity of your cosmetic tattoo will depend on many factors such as the colour of pigment used, skin type, lifestyle (sun exposure) and treatment of skin (dermabrasion, chemical peels, etc.).

What should I do before my appointment?

Do not drink alcohol, ibuprofen or caffeine 24 hours before your appointment. This can cause excessive bleeding.

You can wear makeup to the appointment if you prefer. All makeup will be removed from your brows before we start.

Women should not book their appointment during their menstrual cycle as the body is more sensitive during this time causing the procedure to be more painful.

What's the aftercare process?

  1. Day One

  • If your brows are oozing plasma and/or blood after the procedure, take a wet q-tip and gently wipe away the excess every two hours until bedtime. This will prevent a thick scab from forming.

  • When washing your face, wash around the brows. Avoid washing directly in the brow area. It is ok for your brows to get wet.

  • Avoid the shower head stream to hit you directly in the face for the first 7 days..

  • Gently pat your brows with a clean towel to ensure the tattoo is completely dry. Never rub your brows.

Day 2-4

  • After day 2, there should be no oozing or blood. Keep them clean and dry and allow them to breathe so they can heal.

  • Avoid excessive sweating for the next few days as the skin is still open. (i.e. gym, working out). Once the area has healed over it is fine to resume exercise.

Day 4-6

  • The brow area will be dry and start to scab. You may experience itching and flaking.

  • Using a q-tip, apply a plain unscented lotion as needed. A minimal amount is sufficient, just enough to keep it moisturized and to aid with the flaking and itchiness.

  • Do not pick at scabs or peeling skin during this phase. Aside from applying lotion, try to avoid touching the brow area altogether.

Day 6-12

  • The scabs will begin to flake off exposing a faint tattoo underneath.

  • The tattoo will look foggy and light in colour, some strokes may seem to have disappeared. The sharpness will return gradually as the dead skin slowly sloughs off over the next couple weeks.

  • During this peeling stage, moisturize as often as needed with a natural fragrance-free moisturizer.

Day 12-30

  • No extra precautions need to be taken at this point.

  • There is generally a very thin layer of dead skin covering the area at this stage, which is contributing to lack of sharpness however this dead skin will continue to flake off over the next couple weeks.

  • The upper layers of the skin heal faster than the layers below. Although your tattoo might look great at this point, your skin is still healing underneath.


  • Pick the scabs or any peeling skin. Allow the scabs to fall off naturally. Never pick or pull the scabs off. Doing so can cause the pigment to be pulled off.

  • Scratch your tattoo

  • Expose your tattoo to sun. When the tattoo is new, your skin is raw and healing which makes it more sensitive to the sun. Once your tattoo has healed, you can apply sunscreen to the area when going out in the sun. Constant exposure to the sun can cause the tattoo to fade prematurely.

  • Submerge in water. No swimming, saunas or steam rooms for two weeks. You want the area to stay dry.

  • Do not apply Polysporin, Vaseline or any product containing Lanolin or healing agents.

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