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How should I prepare for my appointment?

Think about what type of look you want to achieve and/or the color palette, brands or products you want your esthetician to use. You may bring inspirational photos to your appointment.

What age do I need to be to receive a beauty service?

Clients who are under 12 years old cannot receive waxing services. There are no age limits for receiving Makeup and Skincare services.

What hygiene standards and safety regulations are in place for services?

The health and safety of our clients and esthetician is our highest priority. Our services hygiene and safety standards were developed based on guidance from federal, state, and local authorities and include the following:

Health and safety prescreen questions for estheticians and clients before the service begins, as guided by local ordinance.

Personal Protective Equipment including gloves and face masks where required by the local ordinance will be worn by the esthetician during all services.

Both estheticians and clients are required to sanitize their hands before each service begins using hand sanitizer.

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